This site is a social sharing site for wellness practitioners.

Our mission is to become the premier go to location on the web for alternative health social sharing networking.

If you are a student of alternative health or energy based wellness practices, this site is designed to help you get connected and stay informed with what’s happening in your community in a non-obtrusive way.

The main idea behind this website is to leverage technology to empower people to cooperatively share and find alternative health practitioners, places and activities in a low cost high effective manner.

This website leverages the power of WordPress to allow contributors to post information like bios, articles and events that can be seen by everyone and every search engine. The site should be thought of as a tool that can be used to help make the process of connecting with people easier. Wellness professionals share information and get connected. Students and seekers of wellness get to use these connections to assist in their wellness or recovery journey. The site is designed to help bring people together and build local connections & communities.

The site is designed to be used like any other social sharing site – yet, with a wellness focus. Like all social sharing sites, this is a cooperative environment where content is driven by the members and people are linked via their activities in their own local communities.

Because wellness is often an energy based exchange between people, we expect that the interactions that you’re looking for are local and personal. This website is designed from the bottom up to help both practitioners and seekers find local connections. Every subscriber is asked to set their Metro Area, when done, information is filtered down to what is appropriate for that area.

The founder of this website is both a Yoga Instructor and Software Engineer. David Flenniken has twenty five years of software design and implementation experience that he is now channeling into this site. He is committed to using technology to help people improve people’s lives by empowering seekers to find talented practitioners and learn the secrets of their wellness modalities.

Together, through posting, sharing and using this website, we can make this site the premier online wellness community. We encourage you to contribute and share today.